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Cat Space Lounge Walnut

The Cat Space Lounge is the perfect scratch for your cat with ergonomically adapted forms, usable on both sides. It is a real natural product! Any cardboard box is a cats true dream.




830 Gram


76 x 22 x 26 cm




The particular solid surface structure also takes large loads on without a problem and offers the cat the ideal way to claw and scratch, no matter how big or heavy the cat is. Often there is little rivalry between multiple cats, if you keep more than one cat, it is advisable to provide a scratching board available for each animal. Lots of movement, games and fun are an important aspect for maintaining a healthy cat. A scratching board encourages in addition to the effective Nail Care also the natural playfulness of cats.

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There are no ordinary cats.

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The idea for the production of scratch furniture and boards of corrugated cardboard is therefore almost ingenious. Especially since the corrugated board has an incredible stability. Cat Space Lounges are usually scratched at outstandingly hard.

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